We are an Australian owned and operated company, founded in 1998 by George Hateley, who was first to introduce and represent TASER to Australian & NZ Law Enforcement as a less-lethal weapon, in the year 2000. A decade later, in 2010, BREON were again first to market, when they introduced and represented STOP STICK to Australian & NZ Police for high-speed pursuits. From 2020, BREON is once again at the forefront, where we introduce and represent the Merlin Mk4, the only out-of-the-box 5G ready TSCM Radio-Frequency Spectrum Analyser in the world.

Organisations, both in the Private Sector and Government, strive to keep their information, intellectual property, data, and conversations secure, no matter what methods of espionage or attack are being used against them. Simple traditional "Bug Sweeps" for Risk Management can not accomplish this, hence TSCM remains a technical area that is only constrained by the ignorance of the threat environment, and a reticence to expend money towards modern defensive measures.

With the 5G NR (FR2) Spectrum Licencing updated by ACMA, tomorrow's IoT and "5G" enabled environment should not be met with yesterday's 24 GHz (FR1) limited equipment; our solutions currently scan up to 30 GHz out-of-the box, and up to 170 GHz with Airhorn Antennas and up to 320 GHz mixers. With a lightening scanning speed of 52 THz per second due to dual quad-core processors;  the performance is something like 1,000x faster than competing tools. The Merlin Mk4 & Bloodhound ASMD, from ShearwaterTSCM in the UK, form the heart of the BREON TSCM capability suite. While we love our proprietary software,  unlike competing vendors, we have listened to our clients, and also pre-load the industry standard Kestral Software from PDTG, Canada.


This capability is further complemented by a family of other bespoke products that BREON Defence Systems are also the exclusive agent for in Australia and New Zealand, ensuring tomorrow's ever changing Military & Law Enforcement needs, can be met today.

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