Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyser &

Acoustically Simulated Microphone Detector 


ShearwaterTSCM are the Original Equipment Manufacture of both the Merlin Mk4 RF Spectrum Analyser and the Bloodhound ASMD. Together, they form the heart of the BREON TSCM solutions, are 5G NR (FR1) and partial 5G NR (FR2) ready, have concurrent Bluetooth monitoring, with 50kHz ~30 GHz RF Spectrum Scanning out-of-the-box, & Recording @ 52 THz p/sec thanks to 2x of the latest generation quad-core processor. The noise floor is -110 dB when scanning with a RDW of 4.9 KHz.  The battery is also hot-swappable. Pre-loaded with ShearwaterTSCM proprietary Software, and Kestral Software from PTDG, Canada.

Full 5G NR (FR2) Microwave Millimetre scanning from 30 Ghz to 50 Ghz is also available, and if requested upto 170 Ghz can be achieved with Airhorn Antennas, and up to 320 GHz with mixers is also available, with almost all solutions compatible with Kestral as the Software Operating platform. 

Non-Linear Junction Detector


ShearwaterTSCM worked closely with JJN Digital in the UK to develop the EDD-24T handheld NLJD wand, made with Machined Aluminium, which operates @ 2.4 Ghz. This device can be used to find mobile phones - even when they are off or battery has died.

For Long-Range Remote NLJD, out of reach places, and penetration through sand or bricks, Lornet-Elvira from the Russian Federation provide additional tactical and counter-terrorism focused NLJD capabilities, which operate between 800 Mhz and 3.6 Ghz.

Counter-IED/EOD variants allow remote detection from 5m away, ensuring operators safety when examining unattended bags or parcels. An inbuilt laser pointer assists in confirming target is being correctly aimed at.

Advanced Physical Search Tools 

To assist the operator with their search functions whilst in the field, we have advanced physical search tools, such as forensic UV/Blue light torches, Thermal IR/NIR cameras, CCTV/Pinhole Hidden Camera Lens Dectectors, and portable Backscatter X-Ray machines. These tools allow the operator to "see the unseen" for not only TSCM operations, but also security and crime scene integrity checks. 

Active Mobile Phone Direction Finder

& WiFi Network Analyzer

ShearwaterTSCM worked closely with JJN Digital in the UK to develop the WAM-108T handheld Multi-band Wireless Activity Monitor - which allows for Wideband, Cellular & Wifi/Bluetooth detection and direction finding, all in one comprehensive portable device, made with Machined Aluminium. This device can also be used to find mobile phones that are active or in standby mode.

Bespoke Search Toolkit


ShearwaterTSCM have created a rapidly deployable toolkit to assist the operator with their search functions whilst in the field. This primary kit is called the "Combo", and contains various low-tech and intermediate-technical items designed to complement the operator undertaking NLJD searches. This includes white light LED torch, telescopic search mirror with LED lights, endoscope "Snake Camera", FLIR Thermal Camera, Forensic UV Lighting with UV Filtered Goggles, Hidden Camera Lens Detector, and a Mains-Carrier Interface

For alternative configurations, BREON TSCM are able to configure similar bespoke rapid deployment solutions for TSCM Operators and Government End Users. 

IMSI Catcher, WiFi / GSM Interception, & RF Jammer


BREON TSCM have access to various C4i & EW solutions from different global suppliers, however some of the suppliers and solutions  do not appear on our website, and will require an NDA prior to disclosure of the capability, including client vetting needed to verify their security clearance and associated Government Counter-Terrorism or Intelligence Agency they represent. What we can state online however, is that generally speaking, some of these  Electronic Warfare capabilities, among other things, include  IMSI Catchers (vehicle or UAV mounted), GSM Interception, Laser Microphone, Covert WiFi MITM Attackers, and RF Jammers. We also have field portable, small hand held X-RAY and Back scatter machines. These special capabilities are developed and manufactured in Israel, Germany, and/or USA.

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