Shooter Trainer & Suppressor (Silencer)


Since 1991, SCATT has been creating the world’s most precise and effective training systems for shooting. Today it is the main training tool for dozens of most successful national teams and thousands of world-class professionals in all shooting disciplines.

An advanced optical sensor, attached to the gun and combined with our special software, allows the shooter to see immediate and detailed visualized feedback on the entire aiming process. This intuitive data enables the user to see and eliminate both simple and deep-rooted aiming errors. Progress is achieved much faster than with usual training. There is no limit to training scenarios: indoors or outdoors, dry-fire or live fire, 10m Air or 1000m High Power, real distance or reduced distance simulated training.

BREON Defence Systems also design and manufacture their own suppressors (silencers) for both long-range heavy calibre sniper rifles, and also high-cyclic rate (full auto) sub-machine guns (PDW).

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Next Generation Ballistic Protection


Level IIIA+   ~   Enhanced Multi-Threat


This innovative level of protection is offered exclusively through Safe Life Defense and provides an unmatched level of multi-threat protection.  This enhanced soft armor not only provides protection against the same threats as traditional NIJ IIIA, but also includes NIJ rated slash/spike/stab protection. We supply high-visibility type vests, tactical vests, covert vests, and can manufacture in any colour or pattern (ie: AUSCAM, DPCU, AMCU etc.)

FRAS  & Level IV  ~    Flexible Rifle Armor System


From 2020, we offer the only soft body armor on the planet that will stop rifle rounds, and has passed NIJ testing for .233 , 5.56 , and 7.62 X 39 without a strike plate.  The is due to our proprietary mini ceramic discs, meshed together.  We also offer conventional Level IV strike plates for carrier styled vests.

Tactical Shields & Hard Armour


Level III   ~   Advanced Multi-Shot


These modern tactical shields are equipped with PALS webbing to allow application of tactical accessories, with velcro areas for patch add-ons and handle pads.  The viewport also has front and rear cover panels.

Shields are also available to protect up to 7.62 x 51mm (.308 WIN) multi shot, and also 7.62 x 39mm (MSC).

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