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Hard Drive - Advanced Examination


The FLAME is hardware PCI Express card and USB box with a modular software designed to recover data from damaged HDD and/or undertake a fast image copy by using hardware direct control over the disk. The unique AHCI SATA 3 native technology, ensures greater stability and a top speed of 6 Gb/sec in cloning operations. Future models will be Thunderbolt 3 rated (20+ GB/sec.) FLAME makes it possible to manage data recovery phases from the diagnosis to drive restoration and copy to a healthy drive or file image, with additional utilities to allow the user access to the drives the firmware area. The software interface also allows drive diagnoses, fixing of firmware problems, and changing of a drive’s configuration such as the head map, enable boot from firmware copies, donor PCB adaption, and manual firmware modules load into RAM.

GENESIS is our additional software interface that merges FLAME hardware and imaging functions, with firmware commands in an easy to use tool that does not require firmware knowledge, which will work even when the drives are protected by ATA password or present sectors/surfaces hard or impossible to read. 


Field Deployable Tactical versions of FLAME and GENESIS are available, which merge all the features of the Desktop PC version into a pelican case with integrated 10” touch screen,  and user-friendly interface for an immediate use in the field.

Password Exploit


BREON have access to various digital electronic device unlock tools.  Such capabilities include the SIM-REPLICA, which can create rubber like biometic fingerprints from a photo, in order to unlock devices or messaging apps that request a fingerprint.


We also have the SIM-TITAN, a brute-force password cracker for data files such as PDF, SQLite, BitLocker, TrueCrypt, XLSX, DOCX. RAR, ZIP, PLIST

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MOBILE Device - Advanced Examinations


The  core hardware of the EAGLE is composed of 3 Chip-off readers (EMMC, EMCP and EMCP 221) that require a low amount of current (low power). Software is included to create an unparsed RAW image of the chipset.


Specific functions to remove screen lock and access devices with boot issues is provided for Samsung and Qualcomm based devices. Screen mirroring option is also available to interact with devices that have a damaged touchscreen.




Effective and efficient data recovery also depends on establishing and maintaining a laboratory that supports and optimizes the entire investigative process end-to-end and can withstand any evidentiary challenges. The individual design needs of a laboratory (both forensic and not) are as unique as the evidence that gets analyzed within its walls. As the IT world continues to expand and evolve, companies and organizations need their laboratories to advance with the science upon which they depend.

  • Chip-off stations that include hot air, soldering, fume extractor, and chip cleaning kits

  • hardware repair tools, including endoscope "Snake Camera"

  • programmable milling cutters for cold Chip-off

  • micro and stereo scopes

  • JTAG & ISP tools

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