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BREON Defence Systems, established in 1998 by CEO George Hateley, is the Exclusive Agent and Representative of various state-of-the-art restricted Military & Law Enforcement equipment and solutions across Australia & New Zealand. The core items are designed for tactical Counter-Terrorism operations and covert intelligence gathering, require an End-User-Certificate, and generally can only be sold to Government Agencies such as the Police and Military, or selected Government Licenced Security and Investigation Firms.


BREON Defence Systems has a large privately owned corporate office with training room and warehouse storage, and maintain a Class 1 (Cat E) Firearm Dealers Licence, and a high security walk-in-armoury.  BREON Defence Systems has been at the forefront of large-scale technology deployments in Australia and New Zealand. We don't just sell equipment; we work closely with our clients and the OEM ensuring the capabilities delivered are met with through in-country life support, including training and technical support, all adapted to a post COVID-19  environment.

BREON TSCM is a division of BREON Defence Systems, with the Project Team Lead being Bruno Timpano, who after training in Israel, introduced the Cellebrite UFED into Australia and New Zealand in 2008. He is a Cellebrite Certified Mobile Device Forensic Examiner (CCME) with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Computer Crime (Digital Forensics), and is recognised as MACS CP (IP3P) by the Australian Computer Society.

The BREON TSCM sales, training, and technical support team comprises of former members of the Australian Defence Force (Army), Australian Federal Police (Counter-Terrorism), and Victoria Police (SOG). Services for clients such as "Bug Sweeping" and "Digital Forensics" are provided externally by our partner Oxford Investigation Group, who have  Kestrel Certified Operators, and Australian Government Security Cleared SCEC / T4 Consultants.

BREON Defence Systems also sponsors and attends various industry trade shows, including the Australian International Airshow, Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO), Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI), Land Warfare Conference, Safeguarding Australia, and Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Cyber Conference.

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